Sports Photography

Team Photos – We provide the latest in team photos that allow us to design the background layout to the specifics that you require. Which may include your club logos and club colours or an image that is iconic to the cub, and the final design is up to you!
If a player is absent, we can seamlessly add them to the team as long as they can get an individual portrait done at a later date.

Individual Portraits –
Our portraits had come a long way from when we started, we now provide a vast range of backgrounds that you have the final choice of, thanks to our green screen technology. Additionally, we can add overlays of the team name and your club logo so you will always remember the year and team you played.

Actionshots – When you book your team photos with us, you can book an Actionshot photographer to take action shots of your club for free. All photos are loaded into the website for parents and players to view and purchase.


Event Photography

Parties – If it’s a party or a tiny party we can cater to the occasion with on camera setups or even a light kit set up for the night. We will aim to capture every moment of the event so even if you forget the evening we will have something for you to remember it by. After the event we proof every image and correct any issues with them, e.g. exposure, cropping, naming and supply them to you on a USB in complete full HD.


Graduations/Receptions – We can provide a backdrop set up to allow your guests to get all the family into photos that will help to remember the special occasion, we can also offer walk around photos that capture your guests at their tables and out on the dance floor. On request we can also photography the graduates receiving certificates at the event. The images once taken will go through a editing process and placed on the website where they can then be purchased.


Reunions – Very similar setup to Graduations we can provide a camera set up to do walk around photography of speeches and people chatting or for a more formal photo have a backdrop and lighting set up for group photos.


Commercial Images – If you need photos for your website or images for your office, then look no further we can provide pictures that we hope will match everything your looking for, we can create a basic brief that will allow us to try different scenarios to develop the exact photos your looking for. Then edited and resized for your sites and office spaces to save you’re the hassles.